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Bouquet Tutorial

Finishing the Bouquet

You might want to give some thought to how you want to finish the bouquet handle.  You can glue leaves to the underside of the foam cage, cover the handle in diamond wrap, coil it in decorative wire or ribbon wrap and add a bow.

You may even want to conceal the stems by adding more greenery underneath and taping the stems in place for a mock hand tied look.

I finish all my bridal bouquets with some squirts of Floralock.  This stem adhesive has a fitted red straw that squirts liquid floral glue deep in among the flower stems, sealing them in place and preventing any of the stems from sliding out.

Do shake the can vigorously so that you can get the full amount.  Clean the straw under warm water immediately to prevent clogging.  Do only short bursts and wait, or you might have too much glue than drips down making your bouquet handle sticky.

The final step is always to spray all your finished fresh flower designs with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  This seals the blooms and slows evaporation from flower petals.

Remember - a florist cooler is designed to put humidity INTO the air.  Home air conditioners and refrigerators are designed to pull moisture OUT of the air . . .  and out of your flowers the same time.  Using a flower sealant helps your flowers stay fresh longer.

Although it seemed complicated, you will be surprised how quickly a design like this is made.  With practice, you'll get faster while still paying attention to the little details that set professionals apart from amateurs.

If you make your bouquets a day or two in advance, simply keep misted well, store in air condition rooms away from light and enjoy all the compliments you are going to get when the wedding day rolls around!

Scroll down to see other matching daisy tutorials.  You'll find instructions for boutonnieres, round bouquets and more!

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