Daisy Wedding
Bouquet Tutorial

Deeper Insertions of Flower Stems

Use some of the smaller "bud like" heads.  Not all the flowers have to be wide open.  A contrast in size gives a little more visual interest.

I'm still tucking some in the sides, so that a lateral view is just as pretty as a frontal view is.

I see an opening at the very top, in between the two highest flowers.

Zip!  In quickly goes another flower bud, longer than the flowers in the center.

Tucking it in a little deeper and facing the flower head upwards.

I see more holes that need to be filled with flowers.

I'm even gently pulling the flower heads apart, so I can insert another bud deeper into the design.

I buried this bud deeply into the greens.  This helps give more depth perception.

Taking shape . . . the overall design takes less time than you think!

Here's a view from the right side, so you can see that the design has a rounded look - not flattened.

Here's a view from the left side.  Such a simple design with timeless flowers - economical - but oh, so pretty!

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