Gerbera Daisy Corsage

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A Gerbera daisy corsage isn't that difficult to make . . . just be careful not to handle the flower petals any more than necessary to prevent wilting and browning.

Gerbera daisies are such as favorite at weddings. If you plan on using these perfect flowers as corsages, be sure to leave cut stems that you can slip water tubes on until right before the wedding. These are a very water loving flower that will wilt easier on a hot summer wedding day. Simplicity is the beauty of this flower. A simple bow is all that is needed to make this corsage perfect.

This pink gerbera corsage is accented with green hypericum berries, bupleurum and red huckleberry.

Vibrant red Gerberas are framed with salal leaves and a beaded pick.

This Peach Germini Corsage is beautiful accented with a pumpkin ribbon. Add in red hypericum berries for a beautiful finish. Be sure to thoughly coat all your Gerbera corsages with Clear Crowning Glory for a sealed finish that will help keep your flowers from wilting.

A Germini daisy is a miniature version of the large Gerbera. Since the large ones can sometimes measure 6" across, you may want to order minis for boutonniere and corsage work.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Both this corsage and boutonniere are made with pink and orange Germini Daisies. The corsage stands alone and the boutonniere is accented with a varigated ivy leaf.

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