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Lengthening the Flower Stems

I'm going to show you an old trick for chrysanthemums.  They have a tougher stem than is rather hollow.

You can use your discarded stems to create a mock "hand-tied" . look if you want to conceal the handle of your bouquet holder.

There are also times you need that flower to just be a "little bit longer".  Different varieties of chrystanthemums sometimes have very short laterals.

Take a discarded chrysanthemum stem and strip all the leaves off and clean off the bumpy places where the flowers were cut off.  Cut your attached stem off at an angle with a sharp knife.

Carefully slid the angled stem down INTO the hollow stem of the cleaned stem.

You now have a longer flower stem that can be inserted upward into the foam and it will draw water down and feed that flower head!

The lengthened stem I just created is the lowest one showing on the cascade below.

This is just a good trick to remember if you just HAVE to have one more longer bloom at the bottom of your cascade!

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