Daisy Boutonniere Tutorial

Adding Ruscus

Ruscus is a long, tapering greenery with glossy green leaves.  I love using it in all kinds of wedding work, including altar sprays, candelabra flowers, cascading bridal bouquets and (as I'll show you here) in both corsage and boutonniere work.

Many online wholesale flower sites insist that DIY brides buy way too much of a single greenery.  Investing well over $100 or more in ruscus alone is too much for the average wedding, unless you are planning a large number of floral pieces for the church and a lot of reception centerpieces.

 Even if that were the case, I would think you would want to mix up different kinds of greens and not be bound into buying huge quantities of each kind you wanted.

I sell wedding greenery by the single bunch.  This gives the bride the freedom to mix and match both flowers and greenery, and not feel limited to a single variety.  A single bunch of ruscus is usually enough for adding to several bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, plus leave some over for adding to a church floral spray or some pew decorations.

You really need to use a Wedding Flower Calculator to determine exactly how many bunches of each flower and greens you need to order.  Otherwise you are likely to over order and waste money on unneeded product.

I am going to take a small sprig of ruscus to back the daisy boutonniere with.

I first strip off a few of the bottom leaves and set them aside to wire individually if needed.

This is a perfect size for the back of my single headed daisy.

I always spray the fresh greens with a flower sealant before using them with my flowers.  It seals the greens and slows moisture loss from the leaves, keeping them fresh longer.

Do not spray fresh flowers with this product - use a flower sealant for them.

Before I tape the ruscus to the daisy, I want to wire it so I can bend and manipulate it exactly where I want it.

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