Wiring Cymbidium Orchids

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Since Cymbidium orchids grow from short laterals (stems) off of a main trunk of a plant, you must wire each individual bloom in order to create a "stem" to use in bouquets and corsages.

You will need:

Cymbidium blooms
Wire Cutters
Sharp florist knife
22 Gauge wire, cut into around 5" each
Corsage Picks
water treated with flower food

Soak the corsage picks in water that's been treated with a fresh flower food. Although many florists wire WITHOUT the picks, I try to do everything I can to keeping a water source to wedding flowers for as LONG AS I CAN.

For DIY brides who are pressed for time and would like to design their bouquets a day or two sooner, these picks are a big help!

With a clean cut, shorten the cymbidium orchid stem to about 1" long.

Insert a 22 Gauge wire into the thick stem of the orchid and pull out the other side.

Now insert the soaked Corsage Pick up into the center of the stem.

Rest the cut stem firmly against the soaked batting of the corsage pick so the flower can pull water up to the head.

Bend down the wire until both sides are parallel on either side of the corsage pick.

Tape over the bent wire down over the saturated corsage pick, still keeping the cut end of the orchid firmly against the moist batting.

For additional support (because the orchid head is so heavy) I bend a wire into a hairpin shape, then bend it slightly downward. I then tape this additional support to the underside of the orchid head.

Finish by re-taping over the additional hairpin wire support.

Orchids are water loving flowers. Mist throughly with a spray such as Finishing Touch, which continues to hydrate and seal the flower head against moisture loss.

I then stick the wired orchid upright into a foam block until needed, so the blooms are protected against being flattened or creased.

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