Cymbidium Orchid
Wedding Bouquet

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A cymbidium orchid wedding bouquet is truly a delight to design for any bride. I always enjoy working with this elegant flower that is carefully grown and plucked as a perfect bloom.

Although you can buy these separately packed three to a box (nestled on cotton), I recommend you buy them by the stem. Sporting anywhere from 7 to 10 blooms per stem, the smaller ones can be used in corsage or boutonniere work . . . or as a trailing cascade.

This gorgeous bridal bouquet is centered around three lovely orchids, flanked gracefully by hot pink roses, miniature carnations and heather in a sweeping crescent design.

Cymbidium orchids come in a range of colors, including white, pink, green and those with delicate colored throats. This beautiful cascade features salmon colored orchids with a deeper hued throat. Clusters of white roses and a few multicolored carnations give a balance and contrast to the focal flowers. Delicate heather and broad Ti leaves create a truly unique design.

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