Cut Flower Stems

You will need to cut the flower stems to a manageable length for carrying on the wedding day.  Don't do this until the Bind-IT tape is securely fastened and the stems are secure against the bouquet handle.

I use professional floral snips (also known as "bunch cutters").  The heavy duty blades easily cut thru the stems and branches.  If you don't have snips, use a sharp knife or kitchen shears.  You don't have to worry about crushing these stems, since they aren't really pulling up water to the flower head.

Leave a little extra length if you're not sure how long the bride would like to have them stems.  You can always cut off more - but you can't add it on!

Note the slight outward flare that I worked to keep.  However, the stems are clean, bound and look just like the real thing.

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