Custom Cake Toppers

Custom cake toppers such as these wedding figurines shown below are quite remarkable. The figures are separate - yet lock together for the perfect embrace. By being separate, however, you can choose your own ethnic, race, and other combinations!

In my Affiliate's stores, you will also find many other personalized cake toppers, such as monograms and initialed cake jewelry. Browse the entire gallery to find your particular favorite! Don't miss my Cake galleries, either? Four galleries filled with gorgeous cakes of every type and description. Please note that I cannot fill personal order requests or give out price quotes. Every region and area is different, so price quotes from me at my location won't do you much good. You'll have to refer the local bakery of your choice to my website for their estimate.

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See the products I carry in my own store, including decorating supplies and fresh flower merchandise in the slideshow below. This is just a taste of the many items I have for sale.

You'll find easy easy flower tutorial pages that explain how to use the products and design flowers like a pro!

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