Cupcake Wedding Cake

All the lovely Cupcake Wedding Cake photos have been shared by the generous members of . I am not a cake designer by trade - I am a wedding florist. But I thought you would enjoy the wonderful ideas inspired by these beautiful cakes. Please note any specific questions about the cakes should be directed to the contributor of the photo on Flickr. Click on the picture for copyright specifics.

I love the way each layer is different on this tier wedding cake.

Another beautiful design by Karen of Manassary Cakery. She always does such lovely work and is generous in sharing her pictures.

This design by American Candy Stand is absolutely gorgeous - with a full cake on the upper tier for cutting or saving for their first anniversary.

Bev of Sugarbloom cupcakes has such great designs. I'm sure she's one busy lady when it comes to making cakes!

You can see the care and craftmanship in every beautiful design she creates.

Just look at the breathtaking detail fashioned on these beauties!

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