Crystal Wedding Bouquet

Adding Decorative Silver Leaves

Add the jewelry of your own choice to your own crystal bouquet.  I have a large assortment of decorative leaves, rhinestones, brooches and more in my online store.

It's important to choose quality flower jewelry for your bouquet, since the cheaper imitations found in dollar stores and other economy places may be backed with foil.  It looks sparkly, yet it may show up in your photographs later as black spots in your bouquet.  It just depends how the flash on the camera catches it.

I next choose silver decorative leaves to add some texture and more interest to the outer border of the bouquet.

I plan to attach them by using silver boullion wire ,weaving it out of the small hole at the base of the leaf once it is on the armature.

If you have difficulty holding the leaf in place before wiring, place a small section of Uglu  to hold it against the bouquet frame.

Weave the fine wire in and out of the framework and over the stem of the leaf, binding it firmly to the bouquet holder.

This creates a lovely edge on the outer rim of your crystal bouquet.

Once you've attached all the leaves, make sure that they are all tight and don't move.  If needed, use more bullion wire and twist it tightly around the leaf in the underside of the bouquet.

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