Crystal Bridal Bouquet

Adding Lomey Brooches

I adore the new pearl and crystal brooches by Oasis.  They are mounted on a long pin that is easy to cut to length. 

I took photos next to quarters so you can judge the approximate size of each brooch.  This one features a cluster of pearls accented with rhinestones.

This one is a large circular pearl surrounded by a ring of rhinestones.

Dainty and compact, this circular brooch is encrusted with sparkling rhinestones.

If you have your own favorite brooch or pin that you'd like to add to your bridal bouquet, you can fasten it onto this mounting pin with Uglu or bullion wire.  There is a hole drilled in the top for easy wiring access.

Insert the brooch into the bouquet at a slight angle from the outside, making sure it pierces through the angel hair wire and into the foam on the inner portion of the handle.

You can place some small strips of Uglu on the underside of the brooch if you wish to ensure that it doesn't move.

You can see from a side angle how the brooch's pin is placed deep into the handle.  Make sure no sharp points are outside the handle where they can injure someone's hand.

You do have the option of cutting the brooch pin very short and inserting just into the angel hair wire and securing with Uglu on the underside of the brooch. 

I like inserting them into the handle, however, because it seems more secure that way.

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