Crescent Bridal Bouquet

This traditional bridal bouquet has a slight crescent curve to it, creating a luscious look of unique elegance.

If you need more visual help, be sure to check out my cascading bouquet step by step tutorials.  

These are the products needed to create this gorgeous bouquet:

Insert the heavy stemmed stock first, keeping the stems close to the outer perimeter of the bouquet holder.  The length of the stems will frame your bouquet and set the final size.  Try to keep it so that it measures approximately 25" of length (from top to bottom) and no wider than 11" (other wise you'll need more flowers).

Cut your lilies to about 4" -  5" of stem and give them a quick spray of Floralock at the base to "lock" in the petals.  This helps keep them prevent them from breakage during handling and insertion.

Insert them into the bouquet as shown below.  Don't forget to use the unopened buds.  Use the shorter stems in the center and longer for the buds on the outer portion of the bouquet.

Cluster at different depths.

Peal off any guard petals first, making sure the roses are perfect before inserting into the bouquet.  Try not to handle the petals too much after pealing so the oils from your fingers don't transfer to the rose.

Cut and insert roses into the bouquet.  I usually wire my roses first to give the heads extra support.

Stem all the stephanotis using Stemson picks.  Handle gently, for these delicate blooms are easy to bruise.  Place them in upright jar or in block of foam until ready to use. 

You will need to lengthen some of these flowers by laying a wire stem next to the stemson pick and taping with florist tape to add extra length.

Fill in any obvious gaps in the design with miniature carnations.  Don't be afraid to insert some of the flower heads in deep - this gives more interest and depth to the final design.

Fill in with sprigs of plumosa here and there to give a light finish and movement to the final design.

Once finished, lock in all stems with Floralock.  Be sure to give quick short bursts - as too much spray may run down the bouquet handle making it sticky.

Be sure to throughly lock in the stems that create the cascade and the heavy stock stems that may loosen because of their size.

Mist the finished bouquet well with Finishing Touch and allow to dry before refrigerating.  If you don't have an available refrigerator, keep in a dark cool room and re-mist with Finishing Touch until wedding day. 

Always add water to the foam holder and keep moist at all times.  You'll be surprised how much water flowers can drink out of that holder!

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