Creative Wedding Ideas

Creative wedding ideas come fast and furious when you can see pictures of different products used to make bouquets and other flower arrangements interesting. Take a look at these great ideas.

Creative Wedding Ideas for Corsages

Decorative wire is bringing new life to corsages and boutonnieres.See how innovative these look wrapped in wire instead of ribbon.

Wedding Ideas When Using Vases

One of the newest trends is to submerge flowers in a tall, clear vase. This works very well with tall, linear flowers such as orchids and glads. Be sure to fasten the stems to the bottom witha heavy vase frog to keep the flowers in place.

Make a simple vase stand out when slipped into one of these silky sheer bags. Pull the drawstrings and . . . instant chic!! They can be used over again in your home decor.

Creative Wedding Ideas for Corsages and Shoes

Using these strong little magnets to hold corsages thru delicate fabric helps keep the material from being snagged. The magnetsare so strong they can even keep a flower fastened on your wedding shoe.

Ideas with Bling Bling and Sparkle

Bling bling is the newest way to add sparkle and shine to your wedding flowers. Insert jeweled or pearl pins deep within the throat of your flowers for that extra zing!

You can also add instant bling to your wedding bouquet with these new wire collars by Smithers-Oasis. Elegant look with a slip on ease!

Displaying Wedding Photos

Frame your engagement or bridal photos with a lush flower display. This form by Smithers-Oasis is easy to make and comes with a plastic slip to protect your photos from water.

Easy to Make Hanging Garlands

Hanging garland of flowers drape, hang or link pews. They are a new idea from Smithers-Oasis that will have you thinking of all sorts of ways to use these neat little cylinders.

If you have seen a florist product that you would like to see used, please fill out a "Contact Me" form and send it to me. I'll try to track down what it is that you're interested in.

Do you have an interesting or creative decorating idea you would like to share? I love seeing photos of YOUR creativity. That's the way it works . . . one beautiful bride at a time!

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