Creative Wedding Ideas with Wire

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So many different creative wedding ideas with wire are pictured below. This marvelous design tool is from Oasis. They just keep coming out with more and more colors as time goes on!

This is a 12 gauge wire - which means it's easy enough to bend with your fingers, yet firm enough to hold it's shape well. Comes in a 12 colors and a 39 ft. roll will do many projects. See the photos below for great ideas on how to design with this cool design product!

I've taken a closeup of one of the rolls of wire so you can see what it looks like.

Some top designers have gotten very creative - even using needlenose pliers to turn this gorgeous wire into a decorative holder for a single flower.

Create a heart-shaped topiary with wire and greenery.

Add a decorative collar of your own design to the edge of your wedding bouquets.

Or just put a decorative overlap of a coordinating color over the blooms in your bouquet.

Twist some around the neck of your table vases for colorful accents that are much cooler than bows!

Put your own twist on boutonnieres and corsages.

Doesn't this put a wonderful twist on an old design?

Use it in creative ways to hold reservation cards or as napkin rings.

Create a gorgeous collar for a large bouquet of flowers.

Turn a simple container into one that packs a lot of "WOW" factor!

Twist wire around a hand-held bouquet and finish with a gorgeous cage over the arrangement and drop into a vase. Fast and easy and looks incredible!

Tuck in among short stemmed flowers in a shallow container.

Add another decorative accent to small bouquets to tuck here and there - perhaps on bridal shower tables?

Use your imagination and create flower girl baskets, chair decorations or pew markers with this wonderful wire.

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