Creative Idea
Wedding Favor for Coffee or Tea

What a clever and creative idea! Wedding favor spoons that would delight both coffee and tea drinkers. It takes a little time - but is well worth it. These would be lovely for afternoon garden weddings or bridal showers.

This idea comes from Wilton. You will need the following:

    Decorative disposable spoons
    Organza Favor Bags
    Wilton Candy Flavoring
    Loose Instant Coffee and Tea
    Monogram Stickers
    5 in. x 1/2" wide satin ribbon
    5 in. x 7/8 in. wide satin ribbon
    Wilton Light Cocoa Premium Candy Melts® (for the coffee favor)
    Wilton Clear Piping Gel (for the tea spoon coating)
    Crystalized sugar

    Photo Courtesy Wilton Party Favors. All rights reserved.

    Fill the sheer bags with coffee or tea and close the drawstrings.

    For Coffee favor: dipped the spoons in cocoa melts, coating the bowl of the spoon. Roll both ribbons together, leaving a 1/2 inch opening for the spoon handle. Glue the ribbon as you roll so it will stay.

    For Tea favor: Cover spoon in Wilton piping gel, then dip in crystallized sugar. Let the spoon dry overnight. Slip the spoons into the ribbon loops and glue to the sheer organza bags.

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