Create a Bouquet in Green

Easy Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Create a bouquet in green, filled with gorgeous green roses and wonderful Bells of Ireland. I break the steps down in easy to follow pictures, explaining in depth what I did at each stage.

This bouquet would be stunning in other colors as well. Changing and mixing colors to suit your wedding palette would truly make this bouquet your own design!

Step 1: Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland have a marvelous long and curvy stem, cupped by miniature circles that closely resemble "bells". Do be careful handling this greenery, as it does have small, hairlike thorns.

Step 2: Sword Fern

Sword fern is often called "flat fern" by professional florists. This wonderful leaf generally comes in a light green and offers a lovely contrast to the darker green of the Bells of Ireland.

Step 3: Green Roses

Green roses are becoming a much sought after flower by many brides. These stunning roses are called "Jade" and open wide just like a garden variety rose!

Step 5: Miniature Calla Lilies

Cool white miniature calla lilies give an elegant length to the top of this bridal bouquet design.

Step 6: White Waxflower

White waxflower is a sweet filler, showing clusters of tiny star-like flowers that add a dainty accent to the other flowers in the bouquet.

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