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The key to DIY wedding flowers is that you treat your flowers correctly from the beginning.  Use the same products professional florists use and process the flowers the right way when they are delivered to you.

Your flowers are a big investment on one of the most important days of your life.  Don't skimp on a few products that can truly make a different on how long your flowers will stay at their peak.

DIY brides do not have access to large floral coolers that are designed to put humidity INTO the air.  Thus air conditioned rooms and regular refrigerators are used to keep your flowers fresh.  That's why misting with flower sealant products are more important than ever when you are doing the wedding out of your home.

I've done many weddings (successfully) out of my home.    But I don't want any of my customers stressed near their wedding day.  That's why I refuse to sell certain flowers.  It's not that I don't like those flowers - it's because I know there is good chance of them arriving wilted and unusable.  Sure . . . we have a guarantee like all the other flower wholesalers.  But that isn't going to do my brides any good - a few days before their wedding they WANT THE FLOWERS!!! . . . not a refund!

I do my best to advise my brides on the internet as I would if they were sitting in my shop.  I want to guide them into making choices that they'll love AND that will stay looking good all through their wedding day!

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