Adding Cream Stock

Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

Stock flower is one of my favorites for wedding work.  The clustered blooms erupt from short laterals all the way down a spring green stem.

It is available in a lot of different colors, including white, cream, pink, lavenders, peach, purple and burgundy.  It has a spicy scent that is absolutely delicious.

I chose a creamy ivory colored stock for this bouquet, since the bride's gown has a definite golden cast to it.  The green tones is mixed in with all stock colors as the nature of the flower.

The roses are the primary focal flowers and the stock is the secondary.  Thus I'm cutting the head into two lengths so I can tuck the blooms in between the flowers.

The stem is a little thick - but that is no problem since the European bouquet holder is large enough to handled a lot of stems.

Take advantage of the natural curve the the stock.  Let the tips of the flower drape out in a line that follows the center to outer edge flow.

This natural draping of the stock flower can also be used to advantage of concealing the foam edge of the bouquet holder.  Covering your basic mechanics should always be considered in every flower design.

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