Cowee Picks

Cowee picks are small wooden stakes with a slender wrapped wire on one end. These picks come in various lengths and thicknesses.

Cowee picks are used by florists for several purposes. The first is to strengthen a weak flower stem. When a florists needs to insert a weak stem into Oasis, the pick keeps the stem from being bent or crushed.

They are also helpful in creating a longer stem on shortened flowers, such as Cymbidium Orchids. These flower heads are cut off a longer, heavy stem. Their own stems are two short to insert into a bouquet holder by themselves.

I first use a flower pick to ensure a water source to the flower head, then attach a wooden pick for strength. The wood swells in watered foam, creating a tight fit that ensures the flower stays anchored in the foam.

Be sure that the cut end of the flower or greenery is cut close the the length of the Cowee pick before being inserted into the foam. This ensures that the flower has a water source and will stay fresh.

These various sized stakes are bundled and sold by the pack. They are not sold individually.

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