Corsage Supplies

You can find fresh (and silk) corsage supplies AND step by step tutorials for traditional wiring or the newer method of gluing corsages.  Click on each photo below to see more info about those products.

Beautiful corsages start with beautiful corsage bracelets!  The old elastic wristlet has been replaced with a large assortment of stunning flower bracelets.  Choose between rhinestones, pearls, chunky stones and other stylish options. 

If you plan to make your own corsages, see the products that professional florists use in flower shops all across the country.  These are designed to make creating lasting flowers easy and fun.

I always finish my cut flowers with a flower sealant.  Remember - these flowers usually don't have a lasting water source.  Every florists mists their designs with a sealant to keep the petals from browning prematurely.

Use on everything from corsages, boutonnieres and bridal bouquets.

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