Taping Corsage Rose Leaves

Learning How to Make Corsages

By taping corsage rose leaves in sets before actually assembling your wedding corsages, you will save time. I like to create more interesting flowers by using several different silk greens, rather than just the silk rose leaves. Search for silks with unusual berries, grass stems, and different shaped leaves. It doesn't take much to give your corsages and boutonnieres that "special touch".

Lay two silk rose leaves against one another - one slightly lower than the other.

Twist the wire stems together and tape with green corsage tape.

I plan to add another interesting silk foliage. Snip off a bit with cutters.

Tape to the front of the two rose leaves.

Here I'm adding a silk grass stem. Loop, tape ends together and lay in front of the leaves. Tape with the other leaves.

Cut off the excess at the bottom of the stems with diagonal wire cutters.

Make several sets of these for both corsages and boutonnieres. I use one set per main flower head.

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