Corsage Questions

Can You Make a Corsage for Me?

I'm often asked if I can make wedding flowers for someone - but no, I'm retired from the flower shop. I can answer questions you have and supply the necessary products only.

At the current time, I ship to the United States only.

Is it Hard to Make a Corsage?

Not really. In days gone by, florists always wired and taped each and every bloom that went into a corsage. With the introduction of floral adhesive, it is much easier to create gorgeous wrist corsages.

I provide simple tutorials for both wiring and gluing. You can find them by clicking on these thumbnails:

How Soon Can I Make Corsages before a Wedding?

Corsages are usually the last thing I create for a wedding. Because they are cut off from a water source, they won't last as long.

But if you use water picks AND a flower sealant, you can do corsages two days before wedding IF they are kept cool and not an abnormally thirsty flower. (Thirsty flowers liker Gerbera Daisies have a hollow stem.)

I always remist my corsages and boutonnieres right before delivery to the church just to be sure they stay fresh throughout the night.

It is wise to stay away from flowers that wilt easily, including Lily of the Valley and Gerbera Daisies. They just don't hold up well.

Where Can I Buy Corsage and Boutonniere Products?

I carry a full line of products just for that purpose. They are the same products professional florists use. The advantage is that I've broken down the large lots that florists are required to buy so that you can buy them individually and truly save money at the same time.

If You Have Questions about a Specific Corsage Picture . . .

If you still have questions that aren't answered above, please feel free to drop me a line. If you have questions about a specific picture, please be sure to reference the page URL AND the specific corsage on the page you are asking about. Fill out the form below and I'll get back as quick as I can!

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