Corsage Ideas

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Fresh corsage ideas to make your wrist posy even more attractive. Designs have moved beyond the "two carnations with babies breath" that was on every shoulder in the 1940's.

Using floral adhesive, tuck a few springs of fill in between petals for a fuller look.

Instead of a big bow, ribbon wrap the step, tie with a coordinating shoestring bow and then wrap a glitzy cording around the stem.

Or ribbon wrap with a sheer, light ribbon, finished with a simple bow tie.

Wrap stem and leaves with corsage tape, then carefully rewrap with bullion wire, creating a fine, "golden" stemmed look.

Large loops of bullion wire is very effective with a few sprigs of rhinestone accents.

Create your own wristlet with colored, decorative wire wrapped around colored sisal.

Experiment with a one flower corsage, dripping with lots of different textured and patterned ribbons.

Sparkling flower jewelry gives extra dazzle to a wrist corsage of blue roses.

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