Corsage Bracelet

Untying the Ribbon

After removing the protective film from the corsage bracelet, gently pull the twisted ribbon away from the silicone base.

Holding the ends of the ribbon, allow it to hang free, turning as it untwists itself.

The long ribbons are meant to be used to tie a wired corsage to the silicone base.  Since this tutorial is shown how to quickly create a corsage by using floral adhesive, I won't need the ribbon.

The ribbon also attaches the silicone base to the corsage bracelet.  You will need to tie the ribbons in a square knot before cutting the length off.  If you forget to do this, the base can come loose and detach from the bracelet.

It won't matter if there is a little ribbon left on - you'll glue the greenery, flowers and bows right on top of it.

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