Cooking Bridal Shower Theme

A cooking bridal shower theme is unique and so much fun. Guests are encouraged to bring gifts geared for the kitchen. Pots and pans, kitchen towels, utensils, bakeware and other items can help stock up the newlywed's needs in a hurry!

Plan to have the shower where a large kitchen is accessible and easy to make recipes that all can enjoy pitching in on!

Wedding shower favors can be in the form of oven mitts and aprons. Make one large apron in a light colored fabric, buy fabric markers and have all the guests sign it as a momento that the bride will cherish from her shower.

This is definitely one of those showers that could go Co-ed, as guys will enjoy eating the goodies, if not actually helping to prepare them as well!

You may check in the Yellow Pages for the nearest Pampered Chef or Tupperware representative. Not only do they have a remarkable Wedding Registry, a consultant will actually come out, give a party and allow the guests to purchase kitchen products for both the bride and themselves. It's a wonderfully, relaxed way to give a party and be pampered a little yourself, as well!

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