Composite Bridal Bouquet

A composite bridal bouquet is created by a technique that florists have used for quite a number of years. A single flower head is made to look larger by using floral adhesive to glue extra petals from other flowers around a cardboard collar.

The effect is to have a stunning display of clustered petals such as this lily bouquet.

A similar effect is accomplished using rose petals. You can add extra greenery such dried plumosa fern to create a delicate, wispy effect.

A soft, Oceana rose is turned into a magnificent giant rose with a handle of the cleaned and trimmed rose stems.

Large calla lily blooms are slit and opened to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet.

A different effect can be achieved with changing the colors of the petals as you reach the outer edge of the hand bouquet.

This bouquet requires a lot of patience and careful handling of the petals. It can be rather tricky and cannot be done too long in advance since the flowers are removed from a water source.

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