Buy Comfortable Wedding
Shoes . . .THEN Decorate Them!

I'm all for comfortable wedding shoes . . .in fact - I highly recommending buying your shoes for comfort first! I actually serviced a wedding where the bride came into the dressing room crying her eyes out because her shoes hurt so badly - and she was just standing for the pre-wedding photos!

You can always find pretty ways to add the "perfect touch" to your shoes. Being miserable in ill-fitting shoes takes your mind away from where it should be - enjoying your day with all your might!

So grab a tube of floral adhesive to add a lovely floral accent to your shoes! If you prefer silk, you can use regular Super Glue.

Flip flops are not just for the beach anymore! You can easily decorate your own and your tootsies (and your pocketbook!) will love you as you dance the night away!

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