Colored Craft Wire

The colored craft wire available in my online store comes in various thicknesses. You will find everything from fine spun angel hair wire to the thick aluminum mega wire found below.

Although it is a heavy 6 gauge wire, being aluminum makes it very easy to bend and twist with your hands. Be creative! There are many different ways you can add this design element to your centerpieces, bouquets or corsage work.

This wire is available in 39 foot lengths and comes in a bright array of shiny colors. They were created to compliment almost any wedding palate and coordinate with other products made by Oasis.

Sometimes less is more! Incorporated this mega wire into the arrangement below created a striking design that is so easy to imitate!

Fourteen stylish colors include pink, purple, copper, apple green, yellow, tangerine, turquoise, red, black and ice blue.

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