Coed Bridal Showers

Coed bridal showers are becoming more popular as brides want to include their honey in the fun of opening gifts from friends. Be sure not to make it too "girly", however, or you'll just end up making the groom-to-be feel out of place.

Include spouses and friends of your guests so that it feels more evenly divided. If you still have to have typical "bridal shower games', then be sure to have a place where the guys can retreat, eat some snacks and watch television or other activities that they would enjoy.

My son-in-law had the special job of video taping my daughter's shower. One of the most touching moments of the shower came near the end. I had asked one of the church ladies to say a special prayer over the soon-to-be-wed couple. As all the mothers, aunts, cousins, friends, ex-Sunday school teachers and other guests clustered round, they all laid hands on the bride and groom as the blessing was spoken aloud. It was a powerful moment to feel all the heartfelt prayers that were in that room praying for Rachel and Louis to have a strong and loving marriage. I still get emotional thinking about it!

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