Church Wedding Pictures

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These lovely church wedding pictures are meant to give you ideas on ways to decorate for your wedding. Lavish flowers everywhere can be made very portable so they can be transported to your reception hall for double decorating duty.

You can get an idea of how large a church can seem from a pew. Florals must be large to overcome such space and high ceilings.

The use of risers, such as the white column stands in this photo, are used by florists to raise large florals up to eye level so to make more of an impact.

Notice the clever use of green plants in this photo. Ferns fill in behind the large urn on the altar table, as well as several placed on the floor. Ficus trees frame the table on both sides. Using plants like this has long been a trick used by florists. Greens are cheap and fill in large areas quickly, giving the front of a church a more decorated feeling.

Hanging garlands and long florals add a bright touch to the front of this church wedding decor. Matching hand tied bouquets on the pews ties it all together nicely.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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