Traditional Altar Spray

Many DIY brides are intimidated by the thought of creating large floral sprays for their wedding ceremony.  They really are easier than they look.

The key is to think BIG and to think ECONOMICAL.  Typical guests sit ten feet or farther away from the flower sprays on the altar or on a church stand.  So concentrate on long, linear (and affordable!) flowers.

Affordable linear flowers with long stems include gladiolus, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums (daisies and pomps), carnations, liatris, asiatic lilies, snapdragons, stock, and agapanthus

The larger headed flowers fill in the design and can be seen from a farther distance.  Stay away from expensive flowers like standard callas and garden roses.  Lovely as they are, they will quickly drive up the final cost of your altar flowers.  

Keep in mind that florists sometimes charge up to $200 for one arrangement.  You can get a lot more for the amount you spend if you invest in affordable greenery (meaning you need less flowers) and go for size that will make a bigger impact.

Don't feel that the tutorial below means you have to use exactly the same flowers or colors.  Instead, substitute the flowers and color scheme that works best for YOUR own wedding palette.

You'll need the following supplies:

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