Church Wedding Flowers

Soaking the Oasis for a Large Floral Spray

Depending on the size of your container, you have two sizes of Oasis florist foam to choose from.  For very large containers, block foam is equal to 6 regular sized brick foam.

Whichever foam size you choose, you must first float soak it in water to which florist food has been added.

I like to prepare several buckets of water ahead of time and add flower food as directed on the label.

Blocking in the foam means cutting and fitting the foam into your large floral container.  Be sure the foam does rise above the rim of the container.

This will allow you to insert flowers straight in from the sides as well as from the top.

Once the container is blocked in with florist foam, add more treated water until almost up to the edge.  Flowers draw a lot of water from the foam, so you want to be sure the foam never goes dry.

If needed, you can secure the foam into the container using waterproof tape.  Make sure the sides of your container are dry before strapping the block foam into place.

Pull the tape taut, letting it come down over the edges of the container.  This tape will later be concealed by the greenery draped over the edge of the container.

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