Church Wedding Flowers

Pink Snapdragons

Snapdragons are fun to work with as well.  This lovely garden flower usually features a graceful curve to the top of the stem.

Although they will look rather smashed and wilted upon arrival, all they need is a good long drink for the individual florets to pop out in full bloom.

These beautiful flowers are available in shades of pink, red, oranges, yellows and white.  Many varieties are two toned - so don't expect orange to be a solid color like a crayon.  It will be blended tons of various colors - not just a solid.

White and pinks are the most prominent ones that are solid color.

I use the curve and long stem to advantage when using snapdragons in my flower designs.

Don't forget to angle out from all sides and straight out from the center.

Making sure flowers come straight out keeps the design from looking flat and one dimensional.

You can continue to add more varieties of flowers, but I think you get a good idea on how easy it is to create one of these large florals.  Inserting one variety of flowers at a time is a good idea if you want an all over design.

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