Church Wedding Flowers

Leather Leaf Fern

A common greenery in flower shops that is used on a daily basis (because it is so cheap!) is leather leaf fern.  This is why I have a hard time believing that "retail" is considered to be $15.00 a bunch!  Really?  I'm selling retail and sell it for considerably less and don't make you buy ten bunches at a time.

This is why it is so important that you read the fine print.  Know what you are buying and calculate how much you need.  This allows you to design without waste and allow more money in the budget for the necessary flower products to correctly process those bulk flowers!

I like to soak my bulk greens in a tepid water bath before cutting and placing in a water bucket.  Do NOT use flower food with greenery.  It doesn't really hurt them in low doses, but it can cause some greens to turn a yellow.

These greens are packed by weight, but usually have between 20 - 25 stems in a grower's bunch.

I begin mixing in the leather leaf fern, always pointing the stem towards the center and angling out in all directions.

You can see by the red lines how I plan to insert the leather leaf fern.

Don't forget to place some greenery coming straight out in the front of the arrangement.  This adds depth and dimension to your florals.

Don't forget the back.  Fill in open spaces with this inexpensive greenery so that the flowers look good from all sides.

Now you have a nicely greened base, ready for the addition of flowers.

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