Church Wedding Flowers

Adding Blue Delphinium

Delphinium is one of the few "naturally" blue flowers.  They have long slender stems with thin laterals coming off the central stem and supporting a delicate blue bloom.

The delphinium is carefully packed in a cellophane sleeve to protect it.  Expect a few blooms to fall loose after delivery.  They are dry and need to be rehydrated as quickly as possible.

The graceful curve to the delphinium should be used to advantage when placing the flowers in a floral arrangement.

I do put a few flowers slanted out towards the back.  Remember that this altar spray will probably be viewed from three sides.  First, straight on, and then by both sides of those seated.

Even a little blue really pops out in the array of colors.

Don't forget to tuck shorter pieces in close to the center, surrounding the big head of the lilies.

As you can see by the red marks, the pattern of insertion is very similar as I did with the Matsumoto asters.

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