Church Wedding Flower Ideas

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Church wedding flower arrangements need to be sized in proportion to the church itself. Designs that seem very large when designing may seem small when viewed from 25 or 40 feet back. Measure your alloted space and decide on dimensions BEFORE choosing your flowers.

This garden style arrangement with a no show container has a lovely outdoor look. It includes tall snapdragons, pink roses, yellow Gerbera daisies and pink larkspur.

This fun design can be duplicated with three side-by-side clear cylinder containers. Fill with decorative grasses and foliage, then add the Gerbera daisies in your choice of color.

An OASIS Ring Holder is used around an elevated urn container for this rustic design mad with sunflowers and decorative foliage.

An exaggerated triangle design gives a modernistic approach to this design made with white stock, carnations and myrtle.

A stylish mounted design combines tulips, purple freesia, trailing ivy, blue delphinium and pink larkspur in a wonderful arrangement that includes a rose heart.

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