Church Wedding Florals

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Gorgeous church wedding florals are what every bride dreams of for her fantasy wedding. Be sure to check with your ceremony location first, however, to be sure that there aren't any restrictions. I've seen churchs forbid fresh flowers or anything with water or candles.

Think carefully about any hazards that could be avoided. Heavy layers of rose petals down the aisle are gorgeous . . .but could create stains or cause someone to slip and fall. Candles are wonderful - but dripped wax on carpets could mean disaster. I don't say this to discourage you - just to make you take precaution like having candles protected by globes and plastic protection from stains.

Free standing candelabras can be lavishly wound with
greenery such as this unity candle stand.

Bedeck fresh fig trees or other potted plants with bows and ribbons for a festive touch in your entrance foyer.

Decorated stands can be used to reserve seating for special
guests, such as parents, grandparents and others.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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