Church Wedding Decorations

Mass Flowers

Church wedding decorations that do not include greenery can use mass flowers to help cover the mechanics (like the cage and foam). 

I added a miniature calla down on the lower left.

I added another, coming out of the high center left.  I begin to fill in the center with a mass flower - here is where I suggest you use hydranges or viburnum.

I continue to fill in with another calla between the first two on the left.

Finish using both filler and mass flowers to cover up any remaining places that mechanics can be seen.

The results is a lovely, well balance design where the larger flower heads can retain their beauty - even at a distance!

Keep in mind that flowers are easier to transport OFF the candelabra - and reattached once you reach the church.  Trying to transport the candelabras with the flowers on them is hard because you need so much room in your vehicle. 

I generally use a couple of professional floral products once I am finished with my design.  If my flowers are silk, I simply dip the wire end of the silk flower into white craft glue before inserting into the foam.

If I am creating a fresh flower design, I use Floralock to secure the stems firmly into the foam cage once finished.  Flowers have to be transported, carried into the church and the candelabra set up.  Floralock will secure the flowers into the foam so they don't slide out.

Shake the can thoroughly and use the red nozzle stem to insert deep into the flowers.  Squirt short bursts of adhesive next to where the flowers are inserted into the wet foam.

The other product I use is Finishing Touch.  This is a flower sealant that protects your flower heads from drying out and wilting early.  Be sure to mist well - especially if your flowers are not kept in a cooler before needed.

Mist after designing and mist again once set up at the church.  This helps keep the flowers hydrated.  Be sure to repleshish the water in the foam - you will be surprised at how fast fresh flowers will suck the moisture out of that foam in the days before the wedding!

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