Church Wedding Decorations

Adding Line Flowers

Church wedding decorations as a rule have to be large, since they are seen from a distance of ten feet or more.  Line flowers will give your design a wide, sweeping look, taking advantage of that extra length.

Line flowers define the width and height of your design and act as a frame for it.

See how I've used a stem of miniature cymbidium orchids to give a long, draping effect to this candelabra design.

I like to mass similar flowers together - it gives more of a color impact from a distance.  If you wish, you can scatter the flowers, giving a more overall color distribution if you wish.

I begin using shorter linear flowers to fill out and shape the arrangement.  I chose to keep these flowers within the length of the candelabra arm, but you can have them go longer if you choose.

Just remember - the larger the frame - the more flowers you will need to fill in the flower design properly.  It's important to count out the allotted flowers you have purchased specifically for each arrangement, or it is easy to get carried away and put in too many flowers.

That will create a shortfall for your other designs.  Check out my free flower calculator and keep it handy.  It will let you know how many flowers you alloted to this design when you ordered your flowers.

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