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Candelabra Tutorial

Church wedding decorations usually include flower decor.  Creating beautiful designs that attach to candelabras are easier to design than you think.

The flowers below are silk . . . but you can easily substitute fresh flowers for a similar look.  (Keep in mind I that for this demonstration I was working with flowers that the bride purchased elsewhere.  These exact flowers are not available).

The fresh flower list below contains substitute fresh flowers for a similar look.

You will need:

The first step is to attach your block of foam or floral cage to the candelabra.  I used waterproof tape since these candelabras are mine.  Rental companies may not allow tape, so you can use floral wire instead.

Oasis cages come with tabs and handles with holes especially designed to allow easy wiring.

I would normally green in the foam at first.  Bulk greenery is an inexpensive way to get a large look.  This bride didn't want greenery, so I used only flowers.

I began by inserting my focal flowers (white gerbera daisies) first.  Stagger the placement of the flowers near the center. 

If you are using soft stemmed fresh flowers (such as these gerberas), put your fingers close to the wet foam and gently work the stems into the foam. 

Sharp poking may cause the stem to mash, damaging stem cells that are important in water take up.  A sharp diagonal cut across the stem with a knife right before insertion helps the flower go in easier..

(Keep in mind that fresh Gerberas should only be kept in a bucket with only 1 - 2 inches of water.  Soaking stems for a long time in deep water can lead to softening of the flower stem as bacteria builds.  This can create a slimy stem to have to work with.)

Wiring the gerberas can give extra support to the flower head.  Obviously I didn't need the support for silk flowers, but would definitely have wired had these been fresh.

Note how these flower heads come out a couple of inches away from the foam.  This helps give depth perception to the arrangement.

Note how the flower heads slightly face in different directions.  If all your flower heads were the same length and facing totally front, you would have a rather flattened look.

Angling the heads in different directions gives depth perception to your floral design.

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