Church Wedding Decorations

Oasis Jumbo Cage on Clear Vase

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You can create a gorgeous church wedding decoration like the one pictured below.  This beautiful piece has a recommended retail price of $457.00!

By substituting inexpensive flowers, however, you can bring the cost down considerably while still creating a similar look and feel.

This design is actually created on an Oasis Jumbo cage - which is later mounted on top of the cut glass vase.  This enables the designer to keep the beauty of the clear cut glass - and transport the flowers more easily.

Here is the original list of products and fresh flowers.  However, this list of flowers is pretty pricey.  Using orchids as shown can make the price pretty steep.

I suggest you substitute cheaper flowers in order to cut down on the final cost.

Here is the Vase as Pictured:

  • 1 Oasis Jumbo Cage
  • 1 Large Clear Vase
  • 1 can Floralock Stem Adhesive
  • 1 roll white Cling Florist Clay
  • 20 stems of White Dendrobium Orchids
  • 5 sprays White Phalaenopsis Orchids
  • 16 White Roses
  • 8 stems White Gladiolus
  • 5 stems White Hybrid Delphinium

Here are my suggested flower substitutions that will keep the cost of the arrangement much more reasonable - yet have the fullness and height that is needed for a similar look and feel for this church arrangement.

The flowers are arranged on the cage which is transported to the church first, then mounted on top of the clear vase.  The florist clay is lined around the vase neck first, then the cage is pressed down firmly to secure it to the vase. 

Note this will not damage the vase in any way and can be safely removed later.   

It may be helpful to read through the step by step directions for creating a large urn arrangement.   The directions for the above arrangement is similar, except you will delete the greenery and mass the flowers in groups as shown in the photo above.

The Floralock is sprayed near the base of the flower stems after the design is completed to lock the stems tightly and keep them in place during transport.

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