Church Wedding Candelabras

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Elegant church wedding candelabras can be decorated with a mass of gorgeous flowers. When using fresh flowers, florists attach a cage or Raquette to the center of the candelabra with either zip ties, wire or chenille stems. The cages have small tabs with holes that make it easy to attach the cage.

This arrangement is easier than it looks. Simply attach the soaked cage and quickly insert long pieces of greenery. Insert a few stems of flowers, such as these white Asiatic lilies and white cushion mums and you're set! If you want to save time on the wedding day, you can do the arrangement up ahead of time. Be sure to "pre-attach" the chenille stems for easier attachment when you get to the church.

This arrangement is made with a large Oasis cage in the center and a smaller Iglu cage on the outer arm of the candelabra.

Table candelabra can be decorated with flowers as well. Here, the center candle was left out and a grande iglu attached with floral clay.

Red and yellow roses, along with daisies, make a beautiful spray on this three armed candelabra.

Since most arms on a standard candelabra can be moved, you can arrange it several ways. Straight out, slanted or in a "V" shape.  This arrangement contains lavender stock, soft orange roses, and leather leaf fern.  It also has sprengeri fern - but I don't recommend it because it sheds so much.  I would subsitute some other type of greenery if you want more than just the leather leaf.

Here a garland is zip tied and follows the spiral of the candles down.

Be sure to always protect the floor by laying down a clear sheet of plastic to catch any candle wax drips. It's helpful to use professional grade dripless candles.

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