Wedding Church Pew Decorations

Church pew decorations can be made of elaborate satin bows, florals or even just greenery. Professional florists use a variety of wholesale florist supply products especially made to hang on wedding pews.

Pew Clips

Pew clips are either clear or brown and are designed to slide over the ends of the pew. Made with a florist foam attachment, you can remove the foam to wire or glue a bow directly to the clip by itself.

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Regardless of the color you choose, you can use the pew clips to create a beautiful cluster of flowers in the foam center and surround with bow loops. Adding extra interest like berries or trailing greenery can make your pew markers unique.

Perhaps you'd enjoy a cluster of short cut roses as decorations for your pews. Notice how the addition of lily grass and trailing ivy adds a lot of interest to the arrangement without a lot of extra cost. (Hint: buy hanging ivy plants and cut off the trailers and soak in tepid water for 15 - 20 minutes before adding to the pew marker.) Be sure to keep the florist foam saturated right up to the wedding day. Fresh flowers will pull a lot of water and dry out the pew marker unless you keep adding water daily.

Even just a simple bow with mixed greens makes for a pretty pew decoration. This arrangement has a white satin bow, pittosporum, and trailing sprengeri.

Above Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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