Church Flower Basket

A large church flower basket adds a wonderful display for your wedding ceremony. The style below is meant for a fireside basket - a flat bottomed basket with gently curved sides.

Whether designing a large or small floral, the design techniques are the same.

Soak an Oasis Jumbo (or smaller - appropriately sized for the basket) cage in water treated with flower food.

Secure to the bottom of the basket by inserting a wire up through the bottom of the basket and into the holes on the tabs on each end of the cage.

To create the illusion of a cut flower basket, begin by inserting the longest stem in the center, on the bottom of the basket. Overlap the rim of the basket. How long you make this flower will determine the overall length and size of the final arrangement. Continue inserting flowers, gradually cutting shorter lengths and fanning out as you go.

If you're using more than one variety of flower, I suggest fill in all of one, then the next and so forth, so the flowers will be evenly distributed.

Begin to bring the face of the flowers upward and shorter as you reach the center of the basket. The very top flowers should be standing up vertical and be shorter under the handle of the basket.

Here is the view from the top of the basket. Using the clean, discarded stems, fill in the other side of the basket so you have the illusion of cut flowers laying flat in the basket. Fill till full, but it is not necessary to use every discarded stem.

Finish by being sure all mechanics (wire, Oasis cages, etc.) are well covered with flowers, filler and foliage. If you'd like, insert large loops of bows deep in between the flower heads and stems to simulate a tied bow. Create streamers and flow from side of basket.

As you can see from the church flower basket pictured above and the one below, size and color can change according to your choice, but the design principals remain the same.

Keep rewatering the Oasis up to the day needed. I suggest using a floral adhesive such as FloraLock to squirt in among the stems. This keeps them locked into place - even while transporting. Also mist throughly with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch or other to be sure the flowers stay fresh and hydrated.

Basic illustrations from John Henry "Construction Instructions". Used with permission.

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