Christmas Wedding Cakes

Christmas wedding cakes aren't really that hard to choose or visualize. I suggest you look for a cake STYLE first (layers, setup, etc.) and then add in the colors, flowers and ribbon to give it a Christmas feel.

Christmas Cupcake Wedding Cake

When I think of Christmas wedding cakes, the first thought that pops into my mind is presents! I love the thought of Cupcake Wedding cakes anyway. After being featured in Martha Stewart's wedding magazines, Cupcake wedding cakes have gained in popularity.

These gorgeous little cakes can be presented in may different ways. For a Christmas theme - why not make miniature Christmas presents?

Perfect miniature presents are wrapped in poured fondant and decorated for Christmas. Stack on a tower cake plate stand and let your guests ooh and ahh over the gorgeous presentation.

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Poinsettia Wedding Cake

Christmas wedding cakes gives everyone visions of decorating their cakes with live poinsettias. They are beautiful - but my advice is to use silk (with no sprayed on glitter.) The silks today look so real.

Despite extensive efforts of the American Florist Society to convince people that poinsettias are NOT POISONOUS . . the rumor just will not go away. So instead of horrified Aunt Millie going around whispering to everyone to avoid your cake because of the poisonous plant, decorate instead with silk.

You can also mold beautiful poinsettias out of gum paste to decorate your wedding cake.

Just a small amount of piped green somewhere on your cake adds a nice touch. You can also accent with green (or plaid) ribbon) for more of a variety.

Christmas Tree Wedding Cake Topper

A sweet alternative to the tradition bride and groom topper would be to top the cake with a (cookie) Christmas tree! You may also want to decorate a Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread man to top your cake with.

Remember the Christmas song "Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!" That's what this wedding cake is all about! Whether you're in sunny California or Hawaii, you can still have a white Christmas with this wedding cake.

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Wouldn't a Gingerbread house using a Pre-baked Gingerbread House Kit from Wilton Cakes be a great idea for a groom's cake? This one is roofed in chocolate dipped pretzels. Mmmmmm!!

I also think this 12"x12" house would be a cool way to decorate the top of your Christmas wedding cake.

Santa is going to have a hard time flying off with this gorgeous cake. Set on top of a "sled", this cake is complete with Santa and white reindeer.

Please note - I receive a lot of questions about this cake. The sled and the reindeer were special design by the cake maker from holiday merchandise (reindeers, etc.). I do NOT sell this sled and do not have information on where you can purchase it. I suggest you scout out the Christmas merchandise in your local discount stores.

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