Christmas Flower Decorations

Christmas flower decorations can really pop when you add something red! To begin to finish up this Christmas centerpiece tutorial, I've begun adding fresh red miniature carnations to the arrangement.

Miniature carnations usually have two or three heads to a stem and are very cheap. Don't underestimate this flower, however, because it has a soft spicy fragrance that is delightful when the flower heads warm up.

Fill in the rest of design at random. You don't have to be "perfect" when it comes to tucking them in here or there.

I always encourage new designers to fill in with one flower at a time - that way their designs can look more evenly distributed. Don't pull out and re-insert flowers unless you absolutely have to. Otherwise you begin to degrade the quality of the foam with broken holes that begin to leak water and don't hold the flowers firmly.

Tuck in a few miniature gold or silver ornaments to add some shine and visual interest to your flower design.

For a finishing touch, now add a glass globe or vase and carefully set a pillar candle inside it. You'll have a beautiful centerpiece that you'll be proud to place on your table or give to someone as a holiday gift.

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