Christmas Centerpiece with Candle

A Christmas centerpiece with candle accents seems really complicated - but it's not. It's designed basically the same way you would make any other table centerpiece, except you mix in holiday greens like pine, flat ceder, Douglas fir, and holly.

Here are the basic steps for greening in a Christmas centerpiece, such as this lovely mix of red flowers and Christmas greens.

Begin with a long container, such as this florist container. Professional florists use containers such as these because they are lightweight, inexpensive and have sharp points built in to help secure the Oasis in place.

Be generous with your block of Oasis. This is the life of your centerpiece. Holiday greens can last a very long time if you are diligent about keeping the Oasis full of water.

Florist use candle cups inserted into the foam to keep the candles secure. You can simply stick the candles deep into the foam, but sometimes this wallows out a hole that makes the candles tip to the side.

After securing the pre-soaked foam to the container with waterproof tape, insert your candle cups into the foam.

You can see how this sets the candles exactly where you want them to be in your centerpiece.

Begin greening from around the sides, working in the long, lower pieces first to shape your centerpiece. Insert the greens at a slight upward angle at the bottom, flattening out as you move up the sides of the piece.

Always check out your design from the side as you work, so be sure that the design looks even and well shaped.

Continue filling in with greens. I often use standard greens, like this leather leaf fern, and then add christmas greens in later. Christmas greens tend to be bulky and thick stemmed, so the regular florist greens help cover up the mechanics of the piece quicker.

Continue filling in, turning the centerpiece frequently. Your goal is to cover all the foam, tape and candle cups.

Once this is done, prepare your holiday greens for insertion into the centerpiece.

Remove the needles from the stem of fir or pine and taper with a knife if necessary.

You can use a variety of different greens for the look you want. Add in pine cones, decorative balls or picks and the fresh flowers if you wish for a completed look.

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