Christmas Bridal Shower Theme

A Christmas Bridal Shower theme is a fun way to have your couple receive everything they need to decorate for their first Christmas.

Not even close to December? No worries, just have a "Christmas in June" (or July, or whatever the month is!) Just be sure to give your guests plenty of notice so they have time to plan what their gift is going to be. You might even give them a heads up a few months early so they can take advantage of the "after Christmas" sales in January for a shower in the springtime.

Guests can make special gifts of one-of-a-kind ornaments, holiday trimming, decorative items and strings of lights. The couple will treasure the precious Nativity scene or the handmade Christmas stockings knitted or cross-stitched with love!

Keep your food and menu in the spirit of the holiday. How about fresh baked sugar cookies, straight from the oven? Cups of nutmeg, cider or hot chocolate will keep the festivities feeling like it's truly the holiday season.

Decorating, of course, is easy. Just haul down that tree tucked away in the attic and let the couple hang their treasures on the tree as they are opened.

Provide Santa hats for everyone to wear and a miniature stocking as a shower favor, complete with candy canes. Note: this type of shower definitely takes some "planning ahead"!!

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