Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors begins with exploring your own tastes and preferences. Perhaps you have a specific theme in mind, such as a beach wedding. This could incorporate the color of both the ocean and the sand.

Both summer and winter are great season for a combination of burgundy and red. It's fun, however, to add in a few other neutral color elements so that the design isn't boring.

Gold Oasis flat wire is one of the hottest new design elements to hit the wedding market. Colored wire can be coiled, wrapped around handles and incorporated into corsages and boutonnieres for a cool look that is replacing ribbon.

At one time no designer would have combined these colors! But the striking contrast of the soft peach absolutely pops when backed with a vivid red. The wine callas give a brand new look and creates a stunning waterfall of color.

If you are a little more of a traditionalist, then consider livening up a basic red with the deeper hue of burgundy hypericum berries, then accenting with red mega beads.

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